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Tummy Tuck

Excess stomach fat, stretch marks, and a sagging abdominal can be treated through a tummy tuck. This procedure can dramatically improve stomach shape and appearance.

Excess fat in the lower abdomen is a common complaint for both men and women. Women have the additional concern of childbirth which significantly alters the abdominal muscles. When there is good skin tone, no stretch marks, and a limited amount of fat, liposuctionalone is usually the best option. However, when stretch marks are present in addition to stretched abdominal muscles, a tummy tuck remains the best option. In this procedure, the incision is kept low below your underwear line and a wedge of fat and skin is removed.

The belly button is relocated and the abdominal muscles tightened to give an hourglass shape. This procedure is generally combined with liposuction to the flanks to further sculpt the body.

Before & After Photos

Facts About This Case:

Patient: 35 year old female
Procedure: Full Abdominoplasty with short verticle scar due to mild laxity.
Cup size change:Maintianed D cup
Additional information: After photos are only 6 months out, since she is of darker skin ethnicity her scar will take upwards of 1 year to start fading.

Average Length:
1 – 3 hours (depending on the extent of procedure)
General or local with sedation
Side Effects:
Temporary swelling, bruising, and some pain
Pain, bleeding, infection, incomplete improvement, contour irregularity
Back to work: 1 week More strenuous activity: 2 – 3 weeks
Final Appearance:
4-6 months for swelling to completely resolve. Scars will flatten and fade 6 months – 1 year.
Duration of Results:
Permanent if weight is stable