Laser Hair Removal

Ethridge Plastic Surgery offers laser hair removal via the Lumenis 1 system An excellent choice for men and women who want a long-term or permanent solution for unwanted body hair, the laser targets the pigment in body hair to trigger a resting phase in active hair follicle and stop growth. The laser only targets active follicles; therefore, several sessions are needed to eradicate hair during all phases of growth, followed by maintenance treatments over time. To achieve satisfactory results, you have to be committed to permanently removing unwanted hair. As time goes on, the interval between maintenance sessions will get longer. For optimal results and for the health of your skin, please refrain from using tanning beds and minimize exposure to the sun for two weeks prior to laser hair removal. Please discuss any photosensitive medication you are taking or have taken within the two weeks prior to your treatment with our aesthetician. Package rates are available for multiple sessions of laser hair removal.