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Nose Shaping

The nose is very important to facial aesthetic appearance. A well-designed rhinoplasty can dramatically improve beauty.

The nose is possibly the most important structure on the face due to its forward position and visibility. Due to this, nasal shaping requires a significant amount of preoperative planning and surgical skill. The alteration of the nasal shape and underlying structure must be handled with the greatest of care.

The preoperative evaluation includes examining the nose thoroughly internally and externally. Any underlying medical problems such as allergies and snoring should be addressed prior to surgery. I will explicitly outline the operative plan and the post-operative course. The overall goal of the procedure is to address the issues with your nose without compromising your ability to breathe. A well designed and performed rhinoplasty can dramatically improve your facial aesthetic appearance.

Average Length:
3 Hours
Side Effects:
Temporary swelling, bruising, and some pain
Pain, bleeding, infection, fluid collections, wound healing problems, and blood clots
Return to non strenuous work 2 – 4 weeks after surgery. strenuous activity 4 – 6 weeks. Required to wear a supportive garment for 4-6 weeks.
Final Appearance:
4-6 months for swelling to completely resolve. Scars will flatten and fade 6 months – 1 year.
Duration of Results:
Permanent if weight is stable