Motherhood is a priceless gift for many women. However, in addition to a beautiful bouncing baby, multiple women are also left with new and unsightly aesthetic changes to their bodies that can include stretch marks and new pockets of fat. For some women, these changes are huge blows to their self-confidence and self-image. However, a string of plastic surgery procedures – known as the “mommy makeover” – can help restore confidence by sculpting areas of the body most affected by pregnancy. The mommy makeover is different for each individual woman, but the most common surgeries target the breasts and abdomen. Popular procedures include breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction, but other women may also choose to have arm or leg fat reductions or a Brazilian butt lift. A good candidate for a cosmetic procedure is a healthy, fit woman who has finished having children and is done breastfeeding. Doctors generally recommend that a woman wait at least six months before having any sort of cosmetic procedure after giving birth. Procedures are generally discouraged for women who want to have more children in the future because results of the procedures may be drastically altered by another pregnancy. A woman should expect her recovery time to vary based on the number and invasiveness of her procedures. If she opts to have several operations at the same time, she may reduce her overall recovery time, but if she waits in between procedures, recovery could be several weeks or months.