Female profile According to smartbeautyguide.com, plastic surgeons have seen an increase in demand for neck lifts in the past year. A variety of reasons are driving the demand, including the desire for age reversal and substantial weight loss. However, a notable contributor to this trend is also something a little less obvious – the growing prevalence and use of technology. In an interview with Elle magazine, a Long Island surgeon explained that because people continue to bend their necks to read smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other technological gadgets, they are seeing an increase in the number of folds and lines on their necks. He described the malady as “tech neck.” Many options exist to alleviate these lines and folds, the most popular of which is the neck lift surgery. A neck lift tightens the skin around the neck, which eliminates many of the vertical folds and wrinkles that some people refer to as a “turkey waddle.” To delay cosmetic intervention, combat potential “tech neck” by avoiding the sun, wearing sunscreen and maintaining a consistent and healthy weight.