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Commonly Asked Questions About Having A FaceTite In DFW

The FaceTite procedure makes the skin to tighten instantly up to 40%. The skin will automatically look and feel better after the procedure. Although of the results of having a FaceTite in DFW are instant, there will be a bout of swelling for at least seven days after the procedure. Over a three to six-week period, new collagen is formed thus leading to a continuous improvement of the face. This article discusses a few commonly asked questions about having a FaceTite in DFW.

How Long Does A FaceTite Last?

Results derived after a FaceTite typically lasts for up to five years. After that, the skin will begin to age naturally. Note that genetic and lifestyle are two key factors that usually affect the length of a FaceTite.

What Parts Can Be Treated With A FaceTite?

Areas around the face like the forehead, cheeks, neck, Jowls, nasolabial folds can be treated with a FaceTite. In fact, any area beyond the shoulders qualifies for a FaceTite.

Is Having A FaceTite in DFW A Painful Procedure?

No. A FaceTite is usually not a painful treatment. A local anesthetic is given before the cosmetic surgery which ultimately reduces any discomfort to minimal levels. FaceTite doesn't necessarily need a general anesthetic. There is no need for an overnight stay after treatment required, and the procedure can be performed in a day.

Is A Single FaceTite Treatment Enough?

Normally the answer to this question is yes. Although it could depend on a host of factors like skin laxity and the type of results desired.

Can FaceTite Be Used Alongside BodyTite?

Yes, a FaceTite can be done with a BodyTite. BodyTite uses aspiration so may offer different results to that of a FaceTite. The three treatment options can be used alongside each other or as a stand-alone option.

What Type of Technology is Used?

FaceTite uses a similar technology to the one that is utilized in BodyTite Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction (REAL). The difference is that with FaceTite there isn't any aspiration so technology used is Radio Frequency (RF).

How Does A FaceTite Work?

Real energy is deployed via the FaceTite handpiece from an internal cannula through an external electrode, generating targeted energy to the fatty areas and adipose tissue. The directional application is precise and controlled so that it can heat specific targets without causing any thermal injury to the surrounding tissue. The geometric shape of the handpiece, as well as the size of the electrodes, offers an exact science to the amount of heat that is generated on the surface of the ski preventing unwanted thermal development.

The development of the simultaneous aspiration-coagulation handpiece takes away the hot liquefied tissue immediately, thus letting the FaceTite be a one-step procedure and providing a quicker treatment. The results are 4x faster than other traditional laser assisted devices. After treatment, patients will notice body firming results and substantial fat reduction. People with skin laxity who don't want to have an excisional surgery or the lumpy, irregular look caused by liposuction will prefer this benefit of FaceTite.


Facetite Dfw
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