You’ve stopped waving goodbye… So why haven’t your underarms? Many people – particularly women – are embarrassed by the excess skin under their arms that jiggles when moved, so it’s unsurprising that upper arm lifts have jumped 4,378% in the last decade. However, there’s good news! Procedures exist to combat the “jiggly arm” problem, so your sorrowful days of wishing you could fight the jiggle are over. Brachioplasty (also known as the upper arm lift): Reserved for people who have lost a substantial amount of weight (80+ lbs), this invasive procedure involves trimming loose skin from the under arm and liposuctioning fat out. Liposuction: Using a small cannula (a plastic tube that is often used for IV solutions) and a targeted laser, the doctor will melt and suction out fat from the body, passing over the area with a laser tip afterwards to tighten skin from the inside. Usually, one treatment is enough and leaves minimal scarring. This is an outpatient procedure with no anesthesia – the patient is awake throughout and can return to work the next morning. In addition to surgical procedures, other options exist for toning your arms including coolsculpting, ultrasound frequency options, and exercising. Remember to weigh your options when considering plastic surgery. When you’re ready to see a professional, schedule a consult with us!