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As you grow older and enter different phases in life, your skin begins to show wrinkles and fine lines. It’s common practice to apply makeup to conceal such flaws and signs of aging. That, however, isn’t really as effective as other types of treatment.

At Ethridge, we know that skincare should be, well, skin deep. That’s why we have incorporated the latest treatment procedures, such as Morpheus8. Can’t wait to get rid of those wrinkles? Dr. Ethridge is your go-to Morpheus8 doctor in Fort Worth, Texas. Morpheus8 does more than alter your skin appearance for several hours. It also changes the inner structure and promotes healthier and younger-looking skin for longer. And while the treatment is relatively new, Dr. Ethridge is highly qualified and experienced in the procedure.

How Does Morpheus8 Work?

Morpheus8 is a device that has microneedles. These needles are used to pierce through the skin and penetrate the underlying dermal tissues. The procedure encourages more secretion of collagen. That makes the method highly effective in getting rid of sagging skin, discoloration, and fine lines. Since it promotes the production of collagen, your skin will continue improving even after you see the immediate results of the treatment.

It’s important that after a procedure, your skin is able to maintain its new-found vitality. By encouraging better production of collagen, Morpheus8 ensures that you don’t have to worry about aged skin. The method also promotes the healthy natural growth of skin. Morpheus8 does little or no damage to the skin structure, as may be the case with surgical methods.

Have you been shying away from getting a facelift because of concerns of getting unnatural alterations that may turn out wrong? Morpheus8 is a great alternative.

Is Morpheus8 Good for You?

Morpheus8 works well with all skin tones. It’s suitable for you if:

  • Your skin has wrinkles and is loosening up
  • You have stretch marks or scars
  • Your skin is discolored

Morpheus8 can work on various parts of the body. The most common parts are the neck and the lower part of the face. It may also be used on the arms, knees, and thighs. After the procedure, these parts look younger, radiant, and have firmer skin.

Reasons for Choosing Morpheus8

Here's why you should consider having Morpheus8 treatment for your skin reconstruction:

  • It has an incredibly short recovery time. In fact, you can apply makeup as soon as the next day after your procedure.
  • The procedure has minimal risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is common with surgical methods of treatment.

Safe Treatment

At Ethridge, we are committed to performing safe treatment procedures. We do not present an option to our clients unless we have proved its credibility. We are also always working towards providing better and more satisfying treatment methods. That’s why Dr. Ethridge and his team have embraced the new Morpheus8 technology. The device delivers excellent results.

Want to have better and younger-looking skin in no time? Dr. Ethridge is your Morpheus8 doctor in Fort Worth. Contact us today on 817-921-5566 for a skin consultation. 

Morpheus8 Doctor Fort Worth
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