Dr. Ethridge is proud to now offer Sientra breast implants for all breast augmentation surgeries. This world renowned brand has been tirelessly perfected from decades of experience, to offer the most natural looking implants on the market. These FDA approved implants help to maintain a natural look after the operation by offering numerous shapes and sizes that fit your body type. The types of implants are divided into two categories: round and shaped. The round implants are the classic shaped implants that have been around for over a decade. They provide the patient with more full looking breasts that are sure to be noticed. On the other hand, the shaped implants are revolutionary and provide a more natural looking appeal. They are the first anatomically shaped implants to be FDA approved. Both implant shapes feature high strength cohesive silicone gel that helps to reduce the risk of complications. All things considered, Sientra provides the patient with an implant that is going to look great and last a lifetime. To find out more, visit Sientra or schedule a consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ethridge today.