Recent trends by many female top CEOs are finding that the best way to maintain their image after enduring child birth and daunting work hours is through cosmetic surgeries. They fear that their aging physical appearance gives subordinates and peers the wrong impression of them. Dr. Macrene Alexaides-Armenakas has been performing cosmetic surgeries for powerful women throughout New York, not so these women can hold on to their husbands, but rather hold on to their jobs’ by portraying a desired appearance. These women are going for the: “I’m old enough to command respect, yet fresh enough to remain vital” appearance. The stress and long hours that these women put into their jobs and family life take a toll on their bodies, but want to continue working well into their 60s. This is where they feel that cosmetics surgery comes in and saves their careers. In an account from a patient, she was quoted saying “It’s a cruel world, it’s incredibly important to project the right image.” This same patient credits her continued career success to the laser therapies and peels conducted by Dr. Alexiades-Armenakas. The idea is to be suspended in the mid 45-55 age range. This strategy of gradual aging includes leaving a few wrinkles to maintain an authentic look for all of her patients. This attempt at creating a gradual aging process is a double edge sword because no woman wants to look like they have had work done. Having the appearance of having “work done” can actually backfire, leading them to look vain and therefore be taken less seriously. This procedure is almost artful, trying to find the gentle balance between youth and experience.